Let the sound of shakers and ice lead the way

Amber gold poured over ice (or straight) then that whiff of caramel hits you. So you lean into the wing backed chair where jazz lives in the shadows to take it all in. It’s silk on the palate, silky like the colors that round the track.Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar is one of the original locations on the Urban Bourbon Trail with a collection of bourbon and whiskey curated by connoisseurs. Enjoy craft cocktails for modern tastes inspired by classics served nightly.

Louisville Bites Redefined

Enjoy refined plates showcasing the colors of a recent harvest. Ours are bites with simple elegance designed to match the complexity of our selection of spirits. The Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar menu offers light dining and satisfying flavor.

  • cocktail with mint garnish

A place to luxuriate

Rich textures on every surface add warmth to an upscale lounge vibe. Choose a corner for your nightcap or grab a chair front and center at the copper top bar for a round of storytelling and craft cocktails. Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar is an escape from the buzz.